The UART package comes with two example projects, VRPNWrapper and TrackerWrapper, which demonstrate the majority of the toolkit functionality. These two projects include the necessary libraries required to build and deploy applications immediately. The TrackerWrapper project demonstrates single marker tracking of simple-id and frame-simple-id markers, multi-marker tracking, simple map building and a demonstration of manipulated texture coordinates. These projects will run without alteration on Unity 3.1 and build iPhone applications for iPhone 3GS. See the README files in the package for platform specific build details. The VRPNWrapper project includes two demonstration scenes that illustrate running a server to capture and display GPS and MotionNode orientation information from attached devices.

The UART package includes source code and build files for each of the plugins except VideoWrapper. The VideoWrapper plugin uses C# scripts that call directly into bundles and dlls available from the sourceforce site. The GPL version of UART includes the source code for building a version of the TrackerWrapper plugin against ARToolKitPlus. The plugin source requires a static build of a patched version of ARToolKitPlus version 2.1.1. The source code for ARToolKitPlus can be downloaded from here. We have developed an extended version of the toolkit, which includes frame-simple-id tracking and enhanced image dumps. Contact Blair MacIntyre ( with any inquiries about a commercial licensed version of UART that includes the source code for building the TrackerWrapper plugin against the StbTracker library. The VRPNWrapper plugin can be used with any version of VRPN and but the projects here use a patched version VRPN 7.19 modified to communicate with GPS devices over serial lines. It is our intention that these patches will soon become part of the regular VRPN source code.